How to Secretly hypnotize someone

If you’ve ever pondered the question ‘Is it possible to secretly hypnotize someone?’ then this article is for you. The answer as you may or may not already know is simple. Yes it is in fact very possible to secretly hypnotize someone. Let me explain.

The process to secretly hypnotize someone

The process of hypnotism requires a connecting relationship between the subject and you. The method through which this connection occurs varies from individual to individual. The more common methods of hypnotism employ direct communications and gestures in inducing hypnotic trances. However, it is also possible for people to achieve the same results through the use of indirect gestures, sub-communications and silent body language.

Still, because of the indirect actions involved, learning how to secretly hypnotize someone might take a longer period to master than conversational hypnosis. It is again however completely possible and can be done. You will need to be patient, determined and willing enough to try.

The hypnotic gaze

Learning how to secretly hypnotize someone will require that you embrace the different stages of a hypnosis using alternate methods. For instance, as stated earlier, you will need to secure the attention of the person using other methods outside of direct conversation. One of the ways through which this can be achieved is through a hypnotic gaze. Using your gaze to secretly hypnotize someone does not work the same way as Jedi mind control.  Instead, by making and maintaining eye contact with a person you will be able to achieve the first stage of hypnosis which is keeping their attention.

Of course there are other ways of indirectly catching the attention of your subject.  People can also be induced into a trance with the use of sub text in conversations as well as touch. Great hypnotists have been able to secretly hypnotize someone by telling them stories with hidden messages. However, a gaze is still one of the more popular methods used when people try to secretly hypnotize someone.

 This is because; a gaze does more than merely catch the attention of a person. It also raises their tension level felt by the person making them even more susceptible to your suggestions. With a well aimed gaze and a steady stare, it is possible for people to communicate their signals and suggestions to another person nonverbally. This will go a long way towards allowing the secretly hypnotize someone.

Confidence plays a major part to secretly hypnotize someone

The message of a hypnotic gaze is further enhanced by the body language of an individual. Remember, it is not just about what you say but the other signals that your body radiates. Few people are able to successfully hypnotize people without the right amount of confidence. The more confident your actions are, the more likely it is that you will achieve positive results. You should therefore avoid blinking too quickly or fidgeting nervously about. Keep your gaze steady and friendly. This will ensure that they remain attentive and comfortable enough to agree to your suggestions when you begin the induction stage. 
An authority on how to hypnotize someone secretly is the well respected master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski. You may also want to check this cool article on Is it possible to hypnotize yourself?